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Find out how Google ranks the world's websites -- mostly based on content and user experience.

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Web design for small business:

Using redirects

Using redirects in your .htaccess file

Find tips on how to use redirects. Redirects can be used to direct search engines and browsers to new webpages, to the correct domain, and to custom error pages. Using redirects in your .htaccess file

Update websites regularly

10 tips for increasing traffic to your website

Find tips on how to drive traffic to your small business website by improving content, using social media, and increasing Google rankings in search results. 10 tips for increasing traffic to your website

Get references before hiring a web designer

Tips for Mom and Pop businesses -- your first website

Look at several web designers' portfolios before hiring anyone. Ask questions and find a designer that has some answers! Tips for Mom and Pop establishments needing a small business website

Professional webdesigners

3 choices for every small business website

Should I use a template, a team of professionals, or a freelance web designer to build my small business website? 3 choices for every business website

Pay attention to grammer

Grammar and your small business website

Is Grammar dead in today's world? Do I need to worry about grammar, punctuation marks, and spelling mistakes on my website? Grammar and your small business website


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